As a child I was plagued with bad allergies, chronic sinus infections, debilitating headaches, and strep throat. I was absent from school often, and I was always at the doctor’s getting prescriptions for antihistamines and antibiotics.


I went vegetarian in 1992, and then vegan in 2001. After going vegan, my chronic health issues cleared up, almost overnight. My friends and coworkers took notice of my good health and began asking for advice. Around the same time, I launched my website (now Dianne’, and people from all over started to email asking for help going vegan. Because I suddenly felt the best I ever had in my life, I developed an interest in health and nutrition, and I read just about every book I could get my hands on. I considered going back to school to become a dietician, but I didn’t have the time or money.


In 2008 I discovered the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and I knew I had to attend. I enrolled for their 2009 school year, and soon became a Certified Holistic Health Coach. After studying at IIN for two years, I took T. Colin Campbell’s eCornell course and earned a certificate in Plant-Based Diet Nutrition. Since then, I have also become a certified Vegan Lifestyle Coach through Victoria Moran’s Main Street Vegan Academy.


People often refer to me as a “nutritionist”, but health coaches and nutritionists aren’t the same thing. While most dietitians dwell on calories, carbs, fats, proteins, restrictions, and lists of good and bad foods, I will work with clients to help them create a happy, healthy life in a way that is flexible and fun. I combine health counseling and lifestyle coaching to create a program that is customized to each person’s needs. I will help my clients make gradual, lifelong changes that enable them to reach their current and future health goals.


I help clients who want to transition to a vegan diet do so heathfully, in a way that with help them stick to their newly adopted lifestyle. I also work with people who are already on a vegan diet with any health and lifestyle issues they may be dealing with, such as weight loss, stress reduction, getting a good night’s sleep, healthy eating, meal planning, and increasing energy naturally. Many of my clients have improved health conditions such as arthritis and diabetes, reduced their need for medications, and even solved health mysteries that doctors failed to diagnose. You can learn more about what I offer as a health coach HERE.


I also teach personalized cooking class to local clients. You can learn more about what I offer HERE.


If you would like to schedule a complimentary health consultation, learn more about the health coaching programs I offer, or inquire about a cooking class, please contact me.



Please note: I often receive emails asking for help in becoming a health coach, or asked for help in choosing a place to study. In the past I have spent a lot of time answering each email thoroughly, quite often without even a “thank you” response. I really don’t have the time to do this type of in-depth advising for free any longer. If you’re interested in taking classes at any of the schools that I’ve attended, I would happy to talk with you. This service is part of my Coaching the Coach plan, and there will be small fee for it.